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This app is trash, don’t buy this crap. It’ll not help you at all, you’ll regret buying this sh*t and yet If I can get a refund.

I don’t recommend it

Wasting time

Don't buy Ginger

This app is not what you think If you use a keyboard app Use Grammarly app works great


Can this be added to iPhones keyboard?


Can you do an update to add the iOS keyboard feature in text messaging?


I don’t know if they’re paying less attention to the app, because since last year the app got worse and buggy. I don’t really write reviews.


Horrible DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS APP I needed a quick editing tool for some school work but it is unusable

Life saver

Totally helps a high school freshman with corrections on their English papers


It just freaked out if copy and paste. Useless software.

Promising, but Paid App not worth it

Awesome potential in this app. The ability to find synonym and rewrite sentences was why I tried this app out. But anytime I copy and pasted a lot of words to the app, it would show it, but then crash/freeze.

Way better than Grammaly

English is my second language, I always have to double check my text or email and even when I think they are perfect. This app finds things and correct them. I used to use grammaly on my PC and I can say with confidence this is better.

Do not get

IT LIKE HAS A USE TIMER & if exceeds it THE APP CRASHES COMPLETELY DO NOT GEY! ➕➕➕ IT NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MOST EMAIL APPS “ If you try to use it with it it messes it up & I lagged the type 2 fulled won’t let you change it!!


Fully paid for version. I’m on iPad Pro 10.5 iOS 11.1.1 *TIP* If crashes, reopen app, then long press, choose paste *BAM* all your work, up to the crash point should be back. 3 stars because LAGGY, CRASHES OFTEN, AND KEEPS MOVING AWAY FROM MY AREA I AM EDITING IN. FIX THESE DAMNED THINGS PLEASE. MY ORIGINAL POST: I spent over two hours editing, crashed and didn’t save my work, nothing there after I re-launched the app. I’m wiring this review off that energy. The whole time I was editing, don’t know if this mattered or not, I was in landscape mode, editing a certain portion of my document. The whole time, non stop, the app keeps moving the field of view away from where I am editing, on its own, just moving to the next area of the document needing editing or whatever. That’s cool - but WAIT until I get there. I shouldn’t have to fight this app and keep bringing the view back to where I AM editing the document. After all that, it crashes. I went back there and hit paste, and it was all my work right up to the crash! MIRACLE! Dev needs to make Poole aware of this life saver, I almost went back and copied the old version. That was VERY close. Laggy, SUPER LAGGY. Rome Total War the game has HUNDREDS of AI scripted soldiers on the battlefield. No where near as laggy as this.

Wanted more from this app

It's helpful but I wish it would help me with rearranging sentences to make it flow better like Word, this doesn't

It doesn't work

I just $3.99 on this keyboard and I can't even use it on my iPhone 7 plus. I can't add it on my keyboard settings. It doesn't even show up. What a waste of money


Worst app ever Want my money back

Buggy unusable waste of time

Complete waste of time, why is it freezing flashing, the suggestions for changing phrases is odd and quirky. Can’t easily copy the text and paste it. where is the spell correct? Its a mystery. This is complete garbage and I wish I could get a refund. Truly awful!


There's some times in which it doesn't give me correct punctuation corrections- kinda bothers me but overall it's a great app

Life saver

I use it all the time

Please add Cantonese (traditional Chinese) translate service.

Good app, but please add the Cantonese language translate function. See Cantonese in Bing Translate.


Using it all he time

Annoying and Buggy App!!!!

Seems to close and freeze whenever it wants since the most recent update (running iOS 10.3.3 on iPhone 7 Plus 256gb). Also REALLY ANNOYING to consistently get pop-ups asking me to rate the app!! I paid for a full version app with NO ADS!! That should INCLUDE ads for YOUR company! If I want to review the app at any time, I will give a review. I try to avoid leaving negative and horrible reviews of apps if possible. I wait and give developers time to update and solve the problems with their app, until there is something nice to say about it! But since your stupid pop-ups refuse leave me alone unless I give a review, here is your review. I hope you enjoy it!


No practical use for this app


This App does not do what I thought it would do. It is limited in punctuation checking and did not correct a sample I typed in that should have contained commas. Very disappointed and want my money refunded.

Nope, don't do it.

This app is garbage. Very inconsistent with wording and will suggest words even when a word is correct. This app is #FakeNews.

Me and you

Great app

Waste of Money

Interface messes up constantly and it misses a LOT of grammatical errors it's glorified auto correct.

My new best friend!

What a revelation writing my book just became more of a reality. Thanks Ginger.

Does not work for grammar

This app missed every single misplaced comma in all of my documents.



Just changes the words with their synonyms.

This app is totally useless after the recent update. It only shows synonyms for certain words. And most of the time the sentences are grammatically wrong.

Faulty, buggy, autocorrects words into gibberish, jumps curser around and infuriating to use

What a waste of time. I've used ginger for a while and tried working around the bus that would randomly shift where my curser is typing. Then trying to edit anything is impossible. It's seriously buggy and there's no way to disable the autocorrect as you type function. Inexplicably, there are no settings that can me modified at all, even though there's a settings menu. I'm very disappointed in this app. I tried using it but would often get very frustrated as it turned what I'm typing into something a jumbled mess that I can't easily correct. It will autocomplete a word as I'm typing it, then autocorrect the second part of the word that I kept typing into something completely wrong. How anyone could find this app useful is a puzzle to me.

Terrible. Not worth it.

It doesn't work well at all. It's not worth paying for. It only scans key words and haphazardly exchanges with out with other synonyms. It won't let you change the sentence without bugging out and I just tried to copy my article I wrote and post it on FB and it won't paste the updated version!


This is a waste of money ! Does not add or correct punctuation whatsoever.. basically it's a auto correction spelll checker


The most stupid app and grammar checker I've ever seen... guys, come on!! Seriously!!?


This app is only good for spellcheck which pretty much makes it worthless. It missed every single grammar mistake I intentionally made. Save your money for something legit.


Fantastic app I will recommend this to all my friends in the future.

Great app

I love this app. Editing is no longer a chore. I love the fact that this app offers alternative sentences...

So helpful!

Love this app for a quick check while writing reports, grants and other documents.

This app is amazing.

Excellent support for my English classes.

Hate this app

This app keeps deleting my documents and adding words that do not have anything to do with what I'm writing about. When I use the backspace, it just keeps on deleting everything on its own and it add random words in random places. It also tends to freeze

Best Writing App period

Absolutely love this app!!! Not only keeps your spelling correct but gives you better sentences , helps with context of sentences , and isn't just an autocorrect app that will get on your nerves changing everything!!! The power is yours with this app


This is unbelievable.

Bug prevents reasonable use of this app

On the iPad with attached keyboard the app doesn't recognize the screen keyboard isn't active and restricts screen real estate. Prevents reasonable use of this app for writers. Have been waiting for a fix since I first purchased the app last year. Bummed. Update 05/19/17, still a bug/serious limitation.

Not A Keyboard

Seen this app on a googled page about keyboards. This isn't a keyboard so don't get this if you want something that doesn't make you go out of your way to use it.


Decent, but wished grammarly was on iPhone


Huge waste of $3.99. Ginger for iPhone is a waste of time and money. I wanted it to work like Grammarly does on my Mac, too bad they don't have an iPhone app.


There's always room for improvement.

I don't think it is better than my iPhone's spell check

I don't think it is better than my iPhone's spell check. It's also more difficult to edit text in the app than it is in my text message. I was hoping it was going to be more like Grammerly, but it is not as good.

Good App

I really like this app, I have found it easy to use.

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