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Very good!

Great awesome

Its worth the every penny thank you developer for making this apo :)


so good

Has bugs bad app in general. Very unpractical

Has bugs

Love it, but...

It gets a four stars because it could run a little smoother. That said, it does a great job on my old iPad correcting my bloopers.


When Ginger highlights an error you cant just click to delete the one word; you have to pull up the keyboard again and find the word It will often change what you typed into a stream of words without giving the option of simply moving the cursor to correct & add spaces There are other irritating behaviors, but I dont feel like listing all of them

Soooo gooood

Very good app

Excellent Application

I have been very critical of Ginger in the past due largely to their lack of update support to their application. However, their most recent update has brought some very welcomed features, and more importantly, iPad Pro support! For the most part, the application makes excellent recommendations. In their next update, I would like to see them focus more closely catching grammatical errors. At the moment, I recommend this application.

It doesnt allow the simplest function

I just purchased this App and it is not worth the price at all. I copy a text from Note and try to paste it but I wasnt able to do that. it doesnt let you. Come on!!!!


This app doesnt do anything except basic spell check. Dont waste your money.

Essential App

Must be in your iPhone

Refund me

Its basically a spell checker unless you sign up for a monthly premium. I believe you can find this basic version free online.


Its really helpful.


I just didnt like this app. It was annoying and somehow a word that Id typed (correctly) magically changed to some weird jumble of words And the keyboard is smaller or more narrow or something so its a lot harder to type and you get a lot more typos To sum it up, I think that there are a lot better keyboard apps than this one and its not worth the time you spend downloading it and discovering it

Whaoooo !! Very educational and well built

I sincerely recommend Ginger to everyone out there to use. Ginger is such a good dictionary, translators, corrector etc..... I just downloaded the application today and I am already so much in love with it. Thumbs up to the people that invented Ginger

Great !!!

Its very nice software. Will helping me with my English.

What a special app!!!



O melhor do gênero!


Its the most helpful app Ive experienced until now.

Spelling wrong!

I dont know why, but the girl cat read my text correct. It looks like a latin girl that didnt know spells in English!

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